The Human-Chicken Double Standard

It is fashionable to fret about this picture

Chickens are getting bigger

But we would celebrate it if it was a man, instead of a chicken. Humans have also grown during the same time, just sayin’. 


When the growth over time is about humans we are conditioned to praise medicine, better living conditions and nutrition. When it comes to chickens, we call it unnatural. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of horrible things that befall chickens raised for their meat. But size is not one of them.

Every man would like to get bigger and I have no reason to believe that chickens are any different. I don’t think they would would forego the opportunity to grow bigger and more imposing than their fellow chicken.

Humans go for the size. They go out of their way to get bigger and stronger. And many actually take the chicken-route.


I know what you think. That human females are not in the business of appearing bigger. In order to stay fuckable they actually try to stay small. To be thin (like a child), weak (like a child), Bambi-eyed (like a child), exposed and malleable (like a child), hairless (like a child), shorter than the male (like a child) and by no means imposing. Sure, you can be tall (and thin) as long as you’re still shorter than your male.

I have no reason to believe that animals are infected by the same  cultural pedophilia. It takes a LOT of verbal justification and conditioning for a human to adopt these ideas of beauty. Humans go out of their ways to talk each other into certain roles and functions – and into certain looks. Fashionable body size may have gone up for men – but it had declined for women over the decades.

Height and strength may be useful and more practical. It gets you the jar from the top shelf and you may even open it yourself. It protects you from attacks and makes you be taken seriously. But functionality can go to hell if it means that you cannot get a guy. He will open that jar for you for sure, but you will have to live with his patronising scorn for having him done things for you and getting what you need indirectly.

You are both so smart and not at all misguided by social norms.

You can either be childlike or get what you want. But you would forego height and strength to find a partner. You would rather shrink than being disapproved and not deemed sexually desirable.

Look like a child and you shall be fucked. And what else would a woman possibly want?

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5 thoughts on “The Human-Chicken Double Standard

  1. Wow, profound insights. And while heavily agreeing with the subtext, i found the analogies very debatable. Then i read again a few times and had to redact what i wrote, paragraph by paragraph. Very good one.

    Height can be practical, and, for some, unfuckable (fuck them); but also impractical in human-built environments, even dangerous. It befell me just today on public transport that an enormous bolt protruded from the ceiling. Average Joe was unaffected, but one unfortunate braking and i’m off to the bardo 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂

      Did you know that standard furniture height hasn’t changed for decades?
      I am also irritated by clothing brands. They are often criticised for not accommodating fat people, but they also ignore tall ones. At the end of the day, some people have the good fortune to look good in fast fashion items – others have to get things tailored because looking like you’re grown out of your jacket is not cute above 21.


    2. I noticed it hasn’t, but for decades? Funny thing is that up-to-date anthropometric data has always been available, but they don’t use it, they treat old metrics like scientific constants.

      Exactly that with retail clothing. The obese are actually taken care of more, and while rarely there’s “fitted” and “slim fit”, it’s meh. I sense influence comes from the US as the greatest western buying market (curiously supported by their decline in the chart above). The other option is looking like you lost 50 pounds, but that’s not cute either.

      But life reminded me there are bright sides to this. Like attending concerts. Tall privilege all the way, man.


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