Pan was a dancing god. He enjoyed music and celebration. He chose his name to remember Pan, the ancient Greek god of music and nature.

He could live without the nature thing, but he enjoyed music. And stories about the original Pan. They could never meet though. Pan was the only god who had ever died. And with him died mythology. Theology took over and it caused much suffering.

There was this thing about being human: it confused his vision.

Pan, for instance, immediately forgot what he came for. He knew it had something to do with the death of Pan and the birth of Christ but he couldn’t, for the life of him, remember what it was. But it wouldn’t be Pan if he cared. He has thrown himself into life like any human, warm and candid.

He chose the month of the Goat for his birth – he enjoyed these little things. Humans attributed a lot of significance to birth dates. He was jubilant and overjoyed with life. He let his voice out for the first time on a snowy January morning and didn’t shut up until the last weekend of summer.


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