Outbreeding others =/= Success

Outbreeding others only makes sense if you have no viewpoint of your own – only that of your group. In other words: collectivism. If breeding was the key to success we would all migrate to Africa and rabbits would have landed on the Moon.

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Sex with your government is not dom-sub. It is sado-maso

Your relationship with your government is not like 50 Shades Anastasia cleverly contracting the terms of her submission and getting lots of orgasms and total safety from a hard-working dominant. You are like an abused house wife who was born into her marriage, rationalizes her submission, accepts all the rules, and blames herself for the black eyes. Because power without counterweight will always turn into abuse. No, always.  Continue reading “Sex with your government is not dom-sub. It is sado-maso”