Gratitude Is Another Word “Stockholm Syndrome”

The best marriage advice you will ever get is also the most dubious.
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8 Lessons of Polyamory

Polyamory to monogamous relationships is like orgy is to sex. You may or may not be willing to try. It may or may not be for you. But it requires the deconstruction of the activity and reassembling the components in a way that makes you better understand them. Continue reading “8 Lessons of Polyamory”

What Does “I Love You” Mean?

“I love you” has been hijacked by the one-size-fit-all relationship dogma and Hollywood. We have to find a way to express love – other than these three obvious words – to avoid saying what these three words do not mean in the first place: that we want to do the happily ever after, the mortgage and the kids too.  Continue reading “What Does “I Love You” Mean?”

No relationship games in polamory


Who makes the first move and what is not considered to be embarrassing? Who is supposed to call first? When can you text and how long before you suggest a second date? How about the kiss? Is it too early? Can you show interest before she does?

Now try these anxious rules and petty games in a relationship of three.

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Relationship roles, life scripts are the death of love


– So you want to play Hamlet?

– Yes, but not with the unstable personality, I don’t like that. Oh, and not Danish. And I disapprove of suicide so I won’t do it. And the lines, I’ll need new lines, these are odd and frankly, too long. And I have issues with Shakespeare so I prefer it to be someone else’s play.

– So why do you still want to play Hamlet?

– Because everyone wants to do it, and so do I. And I like the stage and I want to be seen. And I want to tell everyone that I did it.

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Know thyself! – Lessons from polyamory #6


You are a teenager. You are making out for the first time. You know it’s supposed to be good, but you can’t enjoy it just yet. First, you don’t know where your lips, tongue and hands should go. Second, you’re self-conscious. You just want to get done with it. Continue reading “Know thyself! – Lessons from polyamory #6”

Don’t try to change your partner


People change when they do. You shouldn’t rush them or try to interfere. Leave it up to them. If you want that person – but you cannot accept them unless they change, then you don’t want that person. And if you still try to change them, your partner is the least of your problems.

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There is no such thing as a soul mate


There is no such thing as one soul mate.

Not for 99.99% of us. And definitely not for life. And maybe even the rest of us are just extraordinarily good at adapting to each other and the situation.

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