Can an Authoritarian Mind Afford Futurism? 

An authoritarian submissive doesn’t imagine the future – he merely survives the present. The future is of interest only to those who expect to shape their own. 

  • The absence of hope for a better future is a cause for (political) concern.
  • Anxieties about the future must be addressed in order to counter the spread of authoritarian populism and illiberal nostalgia
The Jetsons – The show that got us excited about the future (1963-65 & 1985-87)

The Hungarian version was the Mézga family (Message from the future – 1969-78)

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How Stereotypes Create the World You Fear

The term ‘stereotype threat’ refers to being at risk of confirming, as self-characteristic, a negative stereotype about one’s group  (Steele & Aronson, 1995). This chapter investigates whether the self-enforcement mechanism of stereotype threat might work as the transmission mechanism through which we internalise authoritarian behaviour.

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Would You Suck Up to an AI Overlord?

Our reaction to the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) tells more about humans than AI. Responses include three age-old fallacies:

1) Worshiping,
2) mistaking data with knowledge, and
3) the rehashing of the central planning fallacy. tumblr_p68dfaFMOc1skkfpco1_540

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Destruction as a Way of “Taking Back Control”

When all forms of control are taken away from an individual, when he has nothing to lose, the only way to reinstate the sense of being in control, of shaping his surroundings, of having an impact is that of destruction. Continue reading “Destruction as a Way of “Taking Back Control””

Conspiracy Theories Against the Sense of Helplessness

How long would you enjoy playing a video game that has no rules? Or one that has but doesn’t let you know? Or it does, but it doesn’t tell you what your objective should be. Or the obstacles you should overcome.

I thought so.

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If Everyone Is Equal, You Know What Everyone Is Worth

The need to eliminate the sense of helplessness and to reinstate the sense of control explains many forms of, seemingly irrational, political behaviors. As a priority, getting rid of the feeling of helplessness beats many conscious and logical needs a voter could act upon.

The first way someone can try to do away with the sense of helplessness is gaining information edge.

Jm Navarro
Source: ArtPorn Magazine

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