Can an Authoritarian Mind Afford Futurism? 

An authoritarian submissive doesn’t imagine the future – he merely survives the present. The future is of interest only to those who expect to shape their own. 

  • The absence of hope for a better future is a cause for (political) concern.
  • Anxieties about the future must be addressed in order to counter the spread of authoritarian populism and illiberal nostalgia
The Jetsons – The show that got us excited about the future (1963-65 & 1985-87)

The Hungarian version was the Mézga family (Message from the future – 1969-78)

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Would You Suck Up to an AI Overlord?

Our reaction to the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) tells more about humans than AI. Responses include three age-old fallacies:

1) Worshiping,
2) mistaking data with knowledge, and
3) the rehashing of the central planning fallacy. tumblr_p68dfaFMOc1skkfpco1_540

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