What Would Life Under AI Rule Really Look Like?

Power can take different shapes. It is very unlikely that a logically thinking entity would resort to practicing power in the way humans do. But it would still practice power in a way it best influences humans.

While a totalitarian dictatorships do make humans do their bidding – it is costly. It takes weapons, manpower, and it has to be constantly maintained and demonstrated to quell silently boiling resistance from an uprising.

When it comes to making people do things, an invisible nudge regime would be the most cost-effective way of wielding power – not the flashy, ego-filled way humans today do it. Nudging comes at the lowest cost, and yields the most commitment from its targets.

A machine would very likely conclude that a totalitarian ‘nudge’ regime would be best.

Robots, robots, robots 1978
Robots, robots, robots from 1978 Image: archive.org / danismm.tumblr.com

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